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AutoClicker is an app that lets you configure auto-clicking on your computer. This app is very easy to customize since it has exactly the right options so that this automation doesn’t give you a major headache.

To start using AutoClicker, you don’t have to install anything since this is a portable app. Just open it to choose the click interval you need in different units of time. And the options don’t stop there. You can also choose which button on the mouse to emulate, the type of click and the repetition cadence. In the last section, you choose the number of times you want this task to repeat, or if you want to repeat the clicks until you tell it to stop.

This app lets you choose the location of the cursor that emulates the clicks: whether this is its current location or a different one, that you can easily choose by clicking on the screen.

AutoClicker is a fantastic app to schedule clicks automatically for a variety of tasks, and particularly videogames. Plus, this app is open source and takes up very little space on your computer.